Do’s and Don’ts of Online Dating

Everyone wants to meet his or her soul mate, but the question is; where do you meet your destined partner? The answer to this question is online dating! Online dating can take shape in many different forms. Whether it is speed dating, blind dating, a casual dinner date or even serious dating, online dating is also on the rise! Even though you may not find your soul mate on every date, it is a good way to get your foot in the door.

So the next question is; what are the Dos and Don’ts of dating? Beginning with online dating, it is important to make an accurate and clear profile and username. Be true to yourself so potential daters do not get caught off guard when you meet. You should also use up to date pictures so others can get a precise image of you. When you are done with creating a profile, having a friend or family member look over it can help as well. This way they can provide constructive criticism on the details you provided.

The next important dos of dating is looking and feeling your best. The aura of confidence someone gives off can be a very attractive thing. It is important to go into a date with a positive outlook and a sense of self-assurance that will turn heads. However, do not confuse confidence with arrogance. This means; do not show up late to a date, it can give off an impression that you have better things to do. Also don’t use your cellphone during dates. This nonverbal communication gives the appeal that you are uninterested in the person you are dining with and more interested in yourself, not a good first impression.

A good first impression would consist of sincere eye contact. Nothing is more mesmerizing than someone who is truly interested in you. Their eyes are locked on yours, their smile suggests genuine attentiveness, and their laugh creates an inviting atmosphere. Be the one who gives off the unforgettable first impression.

It is also important to consider what to wear. You want to avoid the sleazy look. For the ladies, show just the right amount of skin where it becomes sexy, but also very elegant. Furthermore, try and look natural. Wearing too much makeup can be a huge turn off. And for the men, look sharp, but don’t overdo it. A Tuxedo is way too much, but a nice sports jacket and khakis is always a safe choice. If you have hair on the longer side, make sure it is clean and well kept. This can say a lot about your personality and whether you are a messy or kept together person. Finally, perfume and cologne is the last factor you have to consider. Smelling nice is always a plus, nevertheless, excessive scents can also be a turn off. Appearance is definitely an important aspect of dating. Yet, you have to be aware of when it is too much and becomes a definite don’t.

Now that we’ve gone over proper etiquette and apparel, the next is conversation starters. Do not bring up your past relationships on the first date. This only reflects the negative in your life, you want to portray positives. Ask your date about their hobbies. It could possibly be the set up for creating a second date. Showing curiosity in their family life, if it is a positive one, is also a good way to show you want to get to know your date more. This can also reflect if you both have the same beliefs and costumes as each other. However, if you do not share the same belief’s, never dismiss theirs. This is just disrespectful and a huge turn off. If you are open minded maybe you could learn something you never knew. While it is good to get to know each other on dates, do not reveal too much personal information. This can sometimes overwhelm people and should be saved for later in a relationship.

The next part of a date is just as crucial as your first impression, saying goodbye. You should not sleep with your date the first night. This is a big no-no. You want to be respected by your date, sleeping with them is not the way to accomplish this. Thanking them for a great time and giving a kiss goodbye is a better way to show you enjoyed yourself. You do not need to strip down as a thank you for a great date.

Finding your soul mate is never easy and can take time, but following these Dos and Don’ts of online dating can lead to many opportunities. So put on your best outfit, show your captivating personality and get started on dating.

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